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Back in the studio: SBS Cycling Central podcast

Back in the studio: SBS Cycling Central podcast

Pop ’em in front of a microphone and off we go. We talk. And talk. And talk…

It has been a long time since the previous instalment of the Cycling Central Podcast, but the “2017 season” has begun. Apparently the discussion is meant to be “around half an hour” but it usually blows out to almost an hour.

(To listen to the broadcast, click the SoundCloud file below.)




Phil Gomes, the host with the most…


In the first session of the year, Phil Gomes hosts a trio of cycling commentators/writers – myself (Rob Arnold), Jamie Finch-Penninger and Anthony Tan – for a chat that goes off in many directions for 52:35.

In other words, it’s a long conversation between four blokes talking about cycling.

It’s a bit of fun, a bit of an overview of the so-called “summer of cycling”, a bit of jibber, a bit of jabber…

We talk… and sometimes listen. And, once in a while, we reach a conclusion on topics relating to cycling.



Jamie Finch-Penninger… a regular podcaster (with his own ‘channel’) who has good insight into the Australian racing scene.


Inevitably the conversation turns to the pro peloton, one of the ‘ratings winners’ for SBS when it comes to cycling.

There are times when other topics are raised and Gomes has encouraged readers of the Cycling Central website (and social media) to provide ideas for discussion; sometimes we pay attention, other times we just keep talking about what’s on our mind at that particular moment.


Anthony Tan, a long-time contributor to Cycling Central (and various other cycling media).

Anthony Tan, a long-time contributor to Cycling Central (and various other cycling media).


The exact schedule of future editions of the podcast will be determined as the season progresses. In the meantime, subscribe to SBS Cycling Central on SoundCloud and you’ll receive an alert when new episodes appear.

And, of course, keep on letting Phil know what you’d like us to talk about when we next appear in the studio.



– Rob Arnold





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