Most cycling fans have heard of Cannondale’s CAAD series and its impressive ride quality. The build of this one required some specialist knowledge which Jack Lynch found as he performed ‘The Build Report’ for RIDE #69.

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Snapshot of the Cannondale CAAD10 Black Inc. Disc build:

The CAAD10 looks relatively simple when complete but building it requires some specific tools and ‘Cannondale-only’ knowledge like removing the crankset and BB30. It was a little daunting seeing internally-routed hydraulic discs with non-removable frame hardware and SRAM’s large banjo bolts but thanks to the ‘Connectamajig’ hose separator it was a breeze.

Setting up the brakes was easier than any ‘traditional’ cable-actuated brake system. It was simply a case of centring the caliper with the lever and then gradually tightening the bolts until it was fixed. It is a testament to a quality frame as any unevenness at the brake mounts can cause drag issues when dealing with the tight disc tolerances. Any brake rub is an instant fail for road bike discs as they try to enter the market.

The CAAD10 disc came together with surprising ease and seems to be a bike which will suit a range of needs. BB30, hydro discs, internal cables; no worries.


– By Jack Lynch


See the full report in RIDE Cycling Review – issue 69 (volume 03, 2015).

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