In each issue of RIDE are the ‘Build Report’ pages which offer an overview of putting the test bikes together and comments from our in-house mechanic, Jack Lynch on his experiences during construction.

Hundreds of photos are taken but not all published. Here is an online extra with photos of the first bike on review in RIDE #69 (due out in September).

The Scott Foil is new for 2016 and it is a complete redesign of the company’s ‘aero’ road bike.




Snapshot of the Scott Foil build

– By Jack Lynch


The first potential problem could have been the headset spacer set-up. Their aero shape was daunting but they are light plastic and all clipped in together easily up and around the stem.

These positive vibes continued when routing the cables through the aero handlebars.

Internally cabled bars are a must to help ‘sell’ an aero road bike but they can be a headache for mechanics.

Scott’s straight-line entry and exit points make it a breeze and few technicians will have any trouble replacing inners and outers.

All the cables (three which enter and exit the down tube – for derailleurs and rear brake) were woven through the frame with ease. This is due in part to the large frame hardware that Scott bikes use across the road range.

The Foil has a down tube ferrule with three ports, the centre one marked ‘BR’ which made it clear that the brake outer was supposed to go fit through.







See the full report in RIDE Cycling Review – issue 69 (volume 03, 2015).

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