The latest of the six Cervélo bikes to be featured in RIDE Cycling Review was the aerodynamic R5 and it surprised everyone in the office. It looks like a time trial bike, it is fast like a time trial bike, but it doesn’t handle like one. It’s nimble, comfortable… and aero. Here is a summary of the bikes from this innovative brand that have been tested in RIDE over the years.

Cervélo’s bike test history in RIDE

S5 VWD. Reviewed by Rob Arnold. (RIDE #58)
“My admiration of the bike was confirmed during a visit from Brad McGee. He saw this in our office and declared: “My dream bike! Cervélo get it. My last team bike was a Soloist – and that was the best I ever raced. These are even better.” Out in the carpark on an ill-fitting bike he did loop after loop taking turns tighter and tighter until he damn near had a knee touching the ground. Its handling traits are great. It looks gorgeous. It is aerodynamic. It offers the option to find the perfect position. It has credibility. It is a bike to admire and it will be mine. I’ll swap the cranks and keep you posted…”


BrandModel NamePrice*Issue numberZinio LinkBack Issue
CervéloSoloist$3,899RIDE #23Not availableSold out
CervéloSoloist Carbon$9,799RIDE #31Not available#31
CervéloR3$9,199RIDE #33Not available#33
CervéloR3 SL$7,999RIDE #42Not available#42
CervéloR5$11,855RIDE #52Available#52
CervéloS5 VWD$9,990RIDE #58Available#58
*In AUD at the time of the test


The rear brake sits on a small bracket behind the junction of the stubby seat stays. The bulging shoulders of the stays are designed to maintain clean airflow around the calliper.



R5. Reviewed by Rob Arnold. (RIDE #52)
“Wheeling it to the door my first reaction was: this feels fragile. Of course it’s not. But it did feel like I was pushing air that had a freewheel sound.
The skinny seatstays which are now prevalent on many frames made their debut five years ago. It was Cancellara who demonstrated that a bike need not have bulk everywhere to be strong. He won his first Paris-Roubaix riding a Cervélo, one built along the same guidelines as this (albeit with modifications by Gerard Vroomen and Phil White for the sake of the environment that he was racing in).”



This shot highlights the sheer width of the bottom bracket area. BBright has been thoroughly tested by the pros but this is the first real year to see if it takes off. So far, so good.




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