The second of the five bikes on test in #RIDE72 carries a famous name from Italian cycling: Cipollini. Tested with a luxurious spec, this is one of the most expensive bikes ever reviewed in RIDE: $22,000 is extreme for a bicycle and so it was always going to be interesting to discover what treats it had to offer out on the road.

Jack Lynch wrote the test and he was surprised by the package. This is a price that’s difficult to justify, but the spec is first-class and the quality of the ride impressed. Thankfully…

(For the full review, turn to p.190 of #RIDE72.)


The five test bikes in #RIDE72Look 795 Aerolite • Cipollini NK1K • No. 22 Reactor • Boardman SLR Endurance Disc 9.4 • Lapierre Xelius SL500 


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Jack Lynch talking about the Cipollini NK1K


“When I first rolled out of the house on the Cipollini, I was very shy about it. I averted my gaze from everyone. At the lights, I kept my head down, trying to keep a low profile. It’s not a bike to keep a low profile on and by the end of the ride I was comfortably engaging with people about it, getting compliments from people on the street and everyone in my bunch wanted to talk about it.

“The Cipollini NK1K is a real head turner.

“It’s and incredibly loud bike, and it’s a really fast bike.

“I haven’t felt as fast on a bike for a long long time as I have on this one. I didn’t use a computer so I can’t tell you my speed or anything like that but anecdotally it was really quick and more than that it was very comfortable.

“I thought with the Lightweight wheels I would have been riding a rock but it felt a little bit more like a hammock.

“I was relaxed on the bike and super powerful and I can put that down to the bike, totally.

“It’s got this beautiful diamond shaped tubing which is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Even the seatpost which just looks like a standard aero post has got small little corners and edges which makes it a really nice piece of engineering.

“The bike’s completely hand made in Italy. The design and manufacturing process takes place very close to one another and the painting is there as well the distribution. It’s a full Italian bike and it really does ride differently to other bikes on the market.

“It’s super solid as well.

“The frame weighed in as one of the heaviest I’ve ever test in RIDE but the bike put together with the Super Record EPS groupset and Lightweight wheels comes in under seven kilograms. The base of a heavy frame with light components always makes for a solid feel on the bike and when out of the saddle I could certainly feel this and it really did will me to want to go faster. Whether I was sprinting or riding up a hill, you get out of the saddle and you thrust your power forward and the bike springs into action.

“As I said, I was pretty nervous about riding it – not only for its lofty price tag but also because of the stigma it attracts and the attention that it gets but it also deserves this attention.

“It’s a bike to ride and to own if you want to stand out, if you want to be fast, you want to be comfortable and you’re happy to talk to people about your bike because it’s not for the shy and retiring type.

“Anyone who can justify the spend and has some pretty good legs on them will really love the Cipollini NK1K.”


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