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Bike test 05: RIDE 70 – Giant

Bike test 05: RIDE 70 – Giant

The fifth of the five bikes on test in RIDE Cycling Review #70 is the Giant Defy Pro 1 Disc. “Here is a bike which is suitable for almost all uses and almost all types of riders,” concludes Jack Lynch in his review. “I loved it and, whilst I found myself wanting a bit of extra speed when at maximum exertion, for the most part it was a dream.

“The Defy Advanced 1 altered my expectations of bikes and cycling.

“For $5,000 a bike can be bought with electronic gears, hydraulic disc brakes and a pair of carbon-fibre wheels. It ticks every box for that price category and has genuinely made me reconsider the contents of my bike shed.”


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Rob on the Giant Defy


“It’s Rob talking about the Giant Defy with disc brakes; this is Ultegra from Shimano. It’s a great looking bike. I thought it was a little bit too small and, during the ride, I sort of liked the size and then questioned the size. I did find that, sometimes out of the saddle on climbs, I’d even hit my thighs on the handlebars. I don’t think I’ve ever done that before.

“But that shouldn’t be what the talking point is about.

“The talking point, really, is about my conversion.

“I’ve been a big cynic about disc brakes; I just didn’t really think they were necessary. But I’ve been on a couple of bikes where the braking isn’t so great. And then I get onto this one, which has got Shimano discs – and they’re not a huge rotor (???cm), nor do I know too much about the technical specification of it all – but I can say that I’m absolutely sold on the idea.

“This bike is fantastic.

“It’s a little bit heavier than some of the others we’ve got on test, but also a bit lighter than others. It’s a curious mix. But you don’t really notice it while you’re riding. I think if you did go from this to a light bike then that’s when the discrepancies would be obvious.

“I went up and down a pretty nice, hilly course on a Sunday to get a taste of this – and I’m really pleased I did. There were some technical descents, some potholes I had to mix here, some traffic that I had to dodge there… and, mate, this was absolutely fantastic.

“I feel like I’m telling a friend, ‘Go and buy this’. It’s something that I’m going to have a think about.

“I think I could use one of these in the stable, so to speak.

“What’s strange – and worth referencing – is that it’s set up for Australian standards, so right for the front brake, and that’s contrary to what I usually have. But the way that it’s set up is that there’s a fair throw of the lever before the braking comes into effect.

“I don’t know, but I think Jack has done that deliberately and I’m glad he did because I think it’s fantastic.

“I had no concern at all under brake – and I’m talking about having to make some mid-ride, rapid amendments on account of traffic and lots of different things. [The bike] was completely predictable. I love this bike. I’m totally sold on the idea of disc brakes now.

“I got a little bit of rain towards the end of my ride and honestly it didn’t affect it other than the fact that the tyres did slide a little bit quicker.

“Then we go to the bike itself which deserves a lot of referencing.

“The seatpost is one of those super long and we notice where the TCR concept came from. It was Giant that developed it back in the late-1990s: Total Compact Road. The idea was that you can have one bike that fits people in a range of sizes. This seatpost has got a lot showing – maybe a little bit too much – but the flex in it makes it a very comfortable ride. It is noticeable.

“I think it’s built – or marketed – as a ‘comfort’ bike, but I’d have to check on that. I’m not sure where the Defy falls. But because it’s a small bike, it wasn’t like I was sitting up high at the front but I was at the back – or it seemed like that because a lot of the post was showing – but that adds to the comfort.

“I’m very impressed with this bike. I could talk about it for a long time but we’ll let Jack do the review and leave it up to you; when you get a chance to have a test of it, I think you’ll like it.”



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