Thursday: it’s podcast day in the studios SBS Cycling Central. This is when two, three or four people gather and talk about cycling. It’s usually about 45 minutes that can be accessed through iTunes and/or SoundCloud.

The link is usually active by mid-afternoon and, for commuters, the tip is to put it on your smartphone and have a listen on the way home… (via Bluetooth in your car, of course).

The regular host is Alex Hinds and he (generally) manages the discussion very well.

The aim is to overview the week that was and possibly talk about a few things for the week that lies ahead. But tangents are common and opinion is often tendered.

It’s generally a lighthearted look at the competitive cycling scene but there are times when the discussion crosses over into other realms. This week, for example, the regular panel – Hinds, Phil Gomes and RIDE‘s editor, Rob Arnold – was joined by Michael Tomalaris who has recently ridden from Adelaide to Darwin to raise awareness of the Blackdog Institute.


Click the link below to listen to the latest SBS Cycling Central podcast



As well as the charity ride, the topics of discussion for today’s podcast – 22 October 2015 – include:



Cycling Central editor Phil Gomes in the comfy chair in the SBS studio.


Podcast host Alex Hinds earlier this year...

Podcast host Alex Hinds earlier this year…