British brand Enigma has featured in RIDE once before when their Excel model was tested in RIDE #62. The Esprit is not as expensive but still has the hallmarks of any good titanium frame. With Dura-Ace components right through the bike, surely it would be a great ride…

The Enigma Esprit was reviewed by Jack Lynch. (Buy RIDE #67 and see p.196 for the full review.)

Note: all bikes on test in RIDE Cycling Review are subjected to a number of testing protocols including: the ‘Build Report’, ‘Round Table Discussion’, the three-page review itself, a full spec sheet – including weights of each component (taken by RIDE’s in-house mechanic, not repeated from marketing material)… and, of course, a full session in the photo studio.

Although the tests in the magazine are comprehensive, we also offer a host of online extras once the print edition is on sale, including a photo gallery and voice files from the ‘Round Table Discussion’ day…


Click the image below to begin the slideshow of 24 images of the Enigma Esprit as seen in RIDE #67.


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Listen to what Rob had to say after his first ride on the Enigma… (click the link below).




Jack Lynch offers his thoughts on the Enigma after his first ride… (click the link below).




Our guest test rider, Vaughan McVilly, talks about his experience on the Enigma (click the link below).