In part three of our Eurobike gallery, there’s another collection of new, newer… and a bit of old. This is the season for innovation and also retrospection. Gary Theiss took to the expo halls in Germany with his camera and banged out a few notes on his third day at the tradeshow.

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Loksak. Another waterproof your phone or iPad product. Not attaching to your bike, but mega waterproof – to 60m as long as you seal it properly. Deep sea riding anyone? Biggest feature: the material is super tough and highly puncture resistant (except for super pointy things like a needle or a knife tip).

You can try to poke your finger through it and while it deforms it does not tear.

Weighs stuff all. And you can operate your phone through the bag super easily. They put my phone in a bag, and let me play – music, not problem; operate function buttons or screen swipes, piece of cake.


CKT by Virenque. The angel and devil girls. Unusual features on these bikes. Check the seat post images. Integrated mast that is adjustable. Aero brake fitment.


Solex. An old name that I have a soft spot for. Not sure what to make of these e-bikes.


E-Bikes… Interesting design. E-bikes are really coming on gangbusters. Giant has e-bikes for demo and on display. Shimano is making a drive system. What is the world coming to?


Bookman. These items are coffee cup holders that mount to your bars. I thought they were cool. And coloured to brighten your day while you head to the salt mine for another day slaving.


Thompson. Did I show you bright before? My eyes!


Frog Bikes. Team Sky colours. The coolest little cyclocross bike complete with bar top brake levers and STI shifting. They do a few bikes in different sizes. All low weight & solid, reliable running gear. Remember your comment in the blog post you sent me: “buy your kids a good bike” – well this is the epitome of that.


Italjet. I’m more familiar with the name for motos – trials and little scooters. Here we have some old school style: regular and e-bike.


Canyon. The concept bike. You may have already grabbed a pic of this. It is very cool in the flesh. I would ride one.


Light Blue Bikes. Check the chain wheel on this thing. It was a daily ride for the patriarch of the brand until he passed away a few years ago. They lament the fact that in the 1930s they had to put steel rims on it because the bamboo ones split. The other bikes are old school. Check the lugs. Hand painted detail. Designed in England.


Scappa. Man! So much orange this year. I am going to need to pick another colour for me to be known by. Pics do not do this thing justice – it is safety vest orange and pokes your eyes out in person. Nice looking lines on the bike though


BMC. The R&D dudes thing. They designed it for regular pedal power as well as e-motor – unfortunately the clear panels precluded me from getting an image of the small scale e-bike.


Nevi. Titanium again. A nice looking piece of kit.


CAAM. Take a good look at the pics. I don’t know what they were thinking. Weird front end. The colours take your eye away from an untidy looking fork arrangement. It will be very stiff in the front end though


Dryve. A total divergence. Came across these peeps wandering about the halls. This is a neat and well executed idea. Production items are ready  in November. These are pre-production but have all the features.

Fold up easier than a beach tent. And have a bag that clips to your rack so it’s there if you need it. Unbagging to fitment takes 20 seconds or less. Includes a little fender extender so your lower legs do not get splached with crud – a nice touch. Weighs a smidge under 1kg.

For townie bikes, for sure. Or MTBs being used for commuting duties (so that the good bike stays clean for the cafe sprint on Saturday morning)

Product features kite surfing fabric in a ripstop and front is a clear poly material that is super tough. Sourced from the windsurfing & kite surfing industries for durability.

You can tension the front stays to cater for differing speeds – so it does not bump into your head.


– By Gary Theiss