We’ve spoken to Matthew Glaetzer about his impressive ‘kilo’ win at the Manchester World Cup. Now we talk about what he expects from Revolve24 Australia.

In part one of our interview with Matthew Glaetzer he talks about cracking the one minute barrier in the ‘kilo’ time trial, gearing and technical innovations, and the Commonwealth Games. At the end of that chat we asked about something entirely different: his planned participation in the Revolve24 Australia event that will be held on 13-14 January 2018.

He is going to be part of a team but the option exists for riders to race for 24 hours – on their own! The concept is catching on and there’s serious momentum building for this exciting cycling event on a motorsport circuit.

We find out a little about what Glaetzer, a track sprinter, expects from a day/night event where the winner will be determined by the maximum distance covered…

Normally he races on a timber 250 metre track but in January, Matthew Glaetzer (above) will join hundreds of other cyclists to race for 24 hours on the 7.7km track at ‘The Bend’…

RIDE: One thing I did want to talk to you about is Revolve24 because I know that you’re down to be part of that program. You’re a South Australian through and through aren’t you?

Matthew Glaetzer: “Yep, born and bred.”


So talk to me about Tailem Bend and the changes that ‘The Bend’ is going to bring to that town. It sounds like it’s a pretty incredible facility.

“It’s going to be world-class. It’s incredible. I was up there a couple of months ago when it was just a dirt track and you can imagine how it’s going to look and the events that it’s going to hold and the crowds of people that Tailem Bend is going to see! It’s going to be incredible.

“It’s such an injection of life into that area and I can’t wait to see the quality of events they get licensed and can run. I mean there’s talks of Moto GP and things like that – which would be absolutely insane to be so accessible, just a bit over an hour out of [Adelaide] and you can watch a world-class event there.

“It’s going to be fantastic and Revolve24 is actually going to be the first event held at the facility so that’s pretty special.

“At some point, a cyclist is going to hold the lap record which I think is pretty cool.

“It’s a fantastic that the Revolve24 can be held on such a brand spanking new motorsport facility.”


Are you an ambassador for it or did you just see the concept and think, ‘I might have a crack at this – it could be a bit of a laugh…’ or a bit of fun, or maybe bring some diversity to your cycling?

“They did bring me on as an ambassador just for that different flare: a track cyclist – track sprinter – who normally rides for 10 seconds riding for 24 hours… it’s quite an interesting mix. I’m super thankful and it’s a great opportunity.

“Obviously with funds going towards the Leukemia Foundation it’s a super worthwhile event; not only do you have an opportunity to have fun with your mates and do a bit of exercise, but it all goes to a great cause. That’s the great thing about this event, it’s a win-win situation no matter how you do on the bike.”


Glaetzer and Australian cycling coach Tim Decker get a taste of ‘The Bend’ before the bitumen was laid…

Who is in your team? And have you got a team of four or six or eight?

“We’re still organising it but I think I’ve got a team of six, maybe eight, because I’ll need all the help I can get to do the kilometres and do the time.

“It’ll be great fun and it’s something different.

“I’ve never done anything like this before and it’s going to be great.

“We’ve got Stuart O’Grady and a few staff members from Cycling South Australia as well who are going to be in my team so it’ll be a good mix.”


So much of your cycling is so very serious that I wonder if sometimes you lose the enjoyment…?

“It is nice to have a complete pressure-free environment and to just enjoy riding the bike for the same of riding the bike.

“It’s so highly-strung sometimes in the high performance scene and you need some sort of outlet outside of sport. This event, being so relaxed and fun and family orientated and built around a charity, it brings that sense of pure enjoyment back to the sport.

“It’s a nice, refreshing event for me, mentally. I can just go out there and have a bit of fun, have a laugh with a few people, and just enjoy it for what it is. Which is nice – and a change from the normal, serious approach that we have day to day.”


It also allows you, as someone who has seen the Tour Down Under come to town – and not have had a great deal to do with it – it gives you a little bit of an opportunity to be part of that ‘Festival of Cycling’.

“Exactly. That’s right. It’s going to be a really exciting time of year.

“I was fortunate enough to get in one of the cars that precede the bunch for the Tour Down Under in the Willunga stage and was able to see the hype and enjoy the full stage from that perspective.

“To be able to be part of an event that is run parallel to the Tour Down Under is very exciting. We can’t wait to see the results from it – and to see people enjoying this aspect. They can come along and participate in an event for themselves as well, not just be a spectator.”


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– Interview by Rob Arnold

Glaetzer was part of the trio that finished fourth in the team sprint at the Rio Olympics (above).

Photo: Yuzuru Sunada

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