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Highlights of a Classic: Paris-Roubaix 2018

Highlights of a Classic: Paris-Roubaix 2018

Want to remind yourself of the action from a race that will be spoken about for a long time but don’t want to listen to P&P again? You have that option with the highlights package of Paris-Roubaix 2018.

There’s always plenty of banter from the #couchpeloton on a night like 8 April 2018. A long broadcast of an epic race at the end of a weekend… with Phil and Paul at the microphone (while Matt and Robbie focus on their Commonwealth Games commitments).

The banter on Twitter was active again for Paris-Roubaix and although the familiar voices were back on air in Australia, it’s relatively easy to zone out to what’s being said and rather just focus on the images. At least that’s how it is in my lounge room late on a Sunday evening (progressing to early on a Monday morning).

Then you fall asleep and replay the images in your dreams until waking a few hours later and reflecting on what happened.

Yes, Sagan attacked like we expected him to. Yes, he carved a path to a fine victory over cobbled roads and onward to the velodrome. Yes, he had assistance from Silvain Dillier – a rider who we may have heard a little of before but we seem to know a lot better now.

Yes, it was exciting; that’s what Paris-Roubaix is. Even a dull edition is thrilling.

And yes, there is immense sadness surrounding the news of Michael Goolaerts.

It’s usually easy to write about cycling, or discuss the events with mates or over Twitter. But when it comes to the sobering news about the death of a rider, it’s difficult to find the right words. Needless to say, we are all shaken by what happened and we hope that those who knew him are managing the difficult days ahead.


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Photos: Yuzuru Sunada

It’s likely that you recorded the broadcast on SBS and perhaps will watch it again in the coming days (or weeks, months, years…). But for the sake of a review, let’s take advantage of the feed offered by ASO which has posted a series of highlights on DailyMotion.

Without any commentary and only the soundtrack captured by the cameras, it offers a taste of what the likes of Liggett, Sherwen, Keenan and McEwen hear when they’re doing their call. And it’s an interesting exercise to watch and consider what you may say.

It doesn’t prompt any corrections of what others are calling the race – as so often gets referenced when you hear P&P do what they do, say what they say… and it allows you to take in the splendour of the action without distraction.


Click from one clip to the next and enjoy the replay courtesy of the organisers of Paris-Roubaix 2018.

ASO (DailyMotion) – subscribe: click here.

There’s always more to say but for now we just reflect on what was, replay some images and consider the outcome.

Peter Sagan continues to add to his legend and victory in Paris-Roubaix while wearing the rainbow jersey reminds us that he is much more than just another bike rider. He is imposing yet graceful on the bike. He is powerful and compelling. And he now has a big rock to put in his trophy cabinet.


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