It was 15 years ago that RIDE Cycling Review was born, we are delving into the archives and offering a series of flashbacks from RIDE #40 to give some insight into what the magazine is, how it came to be, and a few stories from each issue. You can read about the original inspiration and why Jan Ullrich was on the cover of issue 01 in July 1998… but here is the explanation of issues #02 and #03. (Notes may be added later for clarifications on matters that have arisen since this piece was originally published in April of 2008.)



We’ll be publishing a series of extracts from RIDE #40 – the 10th anniversary issue. (Part 01).

This is part 02, about the second, third and fourth issues of RIDE Cycling Review.



Issue 02: released October 1998

PAGES: 100. Features: ‘That’ Tour, Comm. games. Notes: Recovered from the Tour. Had a mini crisis; moved the office to a corner of my house… consolidated.


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A subscription promotion in the first issue yielded a huge response: over 800 readers ordered RIDE for a year after seeing #01. There was no turning back. I confess to being confused about what the future of cycling held after attending the Tour and working for the organisers writing the English component of the official site’s coverage of the race (a job I have done every year since 1998).

Amidst the woes there was a race. The Dublin start is not remembered for Boardman’s win, but it should be: it was superb, as was every other part of the Irish Grand Départ. On the weekend France won the football World Cup, the Tour ventured as far abroad as it’s ever been. Scandal filled the headlines, amidst it all a bike race took place. Sort of.

Ullrich took the maillot jaune off an Aussie, Stuart O’Grady, who later won a stage. The cover recognised his contribution to lifting the mood of a sombre few months.


– Rob Arnold


A shot for the times by RIDE’s original contributor, James Startt.


Issue 03: released January 1999

PAGES: 108. Features: year in review, Newscycle, ‘The importance of being Cadel’. Notes: Back into an office (Surry Hills, NSW). Established RIDE Media Pty Ltd. Rode my bike a lot!




Determined to portray the shot  at the right angle, part of the cover included a section of film from the image. Issue three was touted as a “photo special” but it also included interviews and profiles on Neil Stephens, Cadel Evans and a bloke coming back from cancer.

“The motivation is there but not any more or less than before,” the Texan who had finished fourth in the Vuelta told James Startt. “I’m happy to simply be a cyclist and I no longer ask anything more. Next year I plan to start a lot later… to gear up for the Tour and the end of the season races.”

Cadel Evans was honest about his intentions and the long ride he saw ahead of him. “I know what 480 watts feels like and how long I can hold it for.” And all the way up Mt Wellington? “No! Not possible.”

This was in response to rumours of his power output after winning the Tour of Tassie while still a MTB rider. “There’s still a bit of work to do before I can get to that level.” We’d talk again…


– Rob Arnold


(The story of issues 04, 05, 06 and 07, coming up next…)




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