The ‘Why Ride’ column in the current issue of RIDE Cycling Review has the headline “…because I still can!” It’s the story of Ian Davis and his diagnosis with Motor Neuron Disease (MND). He knows his fate and it’s not pretty but there’s no hiding from it. In fact, he wants to share it with as many people as possible. “At the moment,” he explains, “the disease is predominantly in my legs. I have a left leg brace, and use an elbow crutch when walking more than a few hundred metres. I know the disease is spreading, and the muscles costantly twitch and cramp in my arms, back, and neck. Occasionally food gets stuck and I have painful choking episodes and esophageal spasms. So far breathing isn’t an issue – so far. You see why I must ride now, while I still can. While I still have time.”



Ian Davis is teaming up with Scott Sullivan to ride from Brisbane to Sydney to raise awareness of MND.

A good friend of RIDE died last September after years of living with MND and his demise was horrific. We paid tribute to Anthony Smith in RIDE #58, and although he’s gone he’ll never be forgotten.

Please watch his video (below) to hear Scott’s story and find out why funding is required.


Legacy Teaser – Scott Sullivan from Tony Prescott on Vimeo.


Comments from Scott Sullivan, found of MNDandMe

“This film is about not only MND but it’s also about Ian Davis and myself putting ourselves out there utilising what ability we still have. Together we’re going to hop on a bike which has been custom built to counter for our disabilities and we’re going to ride over 16 days – from Brisbane all the way down the east coast to Sydney. And we need to get the story out there.

“We need every Australian to understand what MND is.

“We need people to be more connected to the cause.

“We need more research.

“We need more awareness.

“We need more support for those 1,500 families who are currently struggling with the day-to-day issues that a diagnosis of MND brings about.

“We need your help.”



Please visit the to share the stories of Ian and Scott and to make sure they they are riding for all the right reasons. MND affects many families around the world. There currently is no cure… but there ought to be.




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