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NRS Team Profile: Holden Team Gusto

NRS Team Profile: Holden Team Gusto

To know the riders who are going to race the NRS in 2018, it’s helps to know the teams. This is part two of an ongoing series that provides a basic overview of who is riding with what team…

In part two of our NRS team profiles we have a look at the seven-rider line-up for Holden Team Gusto, a women’s outfit with a mix of youth and experience. Managed by Marty Tobin, one of the more passionate workers in the Australian cycling community, this is a team that is nurturing some amazing talent.

With strong support from several industry partners, there’s solid backing but what makes this team special is the infectious enthusiasm of everyone involved… from Tobin to all on the roster and many in between.

This is a quick overview in which the team is asked to respond to 10 questions. It’s deliberately repetitive so that we get to see how the team opts to present itself.

Holden Team Gusto supplied a spreadsheet of information about all riders on the roster, including “favourite drinks” – and, for the record, these are the answers: “super weak tea”, “beer”, “coffee”, “bubbly water – aka frizzante”, “bubble tea”, “tea”, and “cappuccino”.

But we are keeping things simple and publishing the 10 answers, as well as a few pics from the early months of 2018.

Below you’ll see RIDE’s questions and Holden Team Gusto’s answers…


AMR Renault Racing TeamHolden Team Gusto


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  1. Can you please provide a list of riders on your team?


Holden Team Gusto
Sarah GiganteVICBrunswick CC17
Grace BrownVICSt Kilda CC25
Erin KinnealyWABusselton CC34
Carlee TaylorVICNorwood CC29
Nicola MacdonaldNSWHunter District CC19
Jemma EastwoodVICBlackburn CC18
Catalina Soto CamposVICBrunswick CC16

Get to know the Holden Team Gusto, based in Victoria.

  1. Can you please list the staff/management of your team?

• Julien Knuppel: DS

• Marty Tobin: Operations Manager

• Tom Reynolds: Commercial/PR Manager


  1. Can you please list your title sponsors and what their line of business is?

• Holden Australia (vehicles)

• Gusto (bicycles)


  1. Can you please list your co-sponsors?

• Seight Custom

• Shimano

• Schwalbe

• Pro4mance

• Pedalit

• Premax

• Sam Miranda King Valley Wines

• K3 Holders

• Genovese Coffee

• Michael Inglis –Sports Psychology

• ThomasrDotOrg Media Services

The team contested both the Santos Women’s Tour and the Deakin Uni Elite Women’s Race in January…

  1. Do you expect that your team will contest all events on the NRS calendar in 2018?

Yes – all the events!”


  1. Can you please list relevant social media links that are associated with your team?

The 2018 road race national champion, Shannon Malseed, was with the Holden teaming 2017. She won the NRS title before joining Team Tibco in 2018. She continues to have a close association with her former team and team-mates.

  1. What is your team’s main motivation for being part of the NRS?

“To win the overall, the individual and to launch a lot of careers.”


  1. What could be done to improve the NRS?

“Let’s take a wait-and-see attitude for 2018 as there’s been a lot of work done by smart people.”


  1. How many years have you and your team been involved in:

“A lot! Nine year of racing in the NRS in 2018.”

Holden Team Gusto had a number of guest riders for some races over the 2017/2018 summer…

  1. Miscellaneous…

“We’re pretty proud of our efforts to date and in 2018 we want to take another step forward.

“We’ve signed three under-19 riders but also signed up experienced riders like Carlee Taylor and Erin Kinnealy. At the end of 2017 we thought Grace Brown was a star of the future and by the end of January that was already true.

“This year we’ll continue to offer our riders a high level race program, quality mentoring off the bike and the opportunity to learn more about the commercial side of cycling to make them better ambassadors for the sponsors and their sport.”


  • Sweet salute from Raphael Freienstein at the Tour of Brisbane. Ah, Is that a bell?
#NRS #cycling @inform_tminsight_make
  • Hey guys. Stuey here! I’m back on the @ridecyclingmedia IG following an action packed, Classics mad week with @mummucycling . From Flanders, we hit the Ardennes to tackle the trio of Classics there, finishing off superbly by riding the @amstelgoldrace finale today. A treat to have smooth roads and sunshine on our backs, following a cobble-crazy week.
We also had the pleasure of catching up with this legend ☝️ @eddymerckx525 which was an honour for us all and a very cool experience for our guests. 👑🙌🏻
The fun and games continue this weekend as we head to my favourite...the Queen of the Classics @parisroubaixcourse for a bit of fun in hell 😜.
Tomorrow our crew will tackle the Paris-Roubaix challenge which will be an awesome opportunity to ride some of the races famous sectors and see just how brutal the pavé can be. We’ll then be kicking back Sunday to enjoy all the action and conclude our trip on a high. It’s been real and can’t wait to round it off with the big one this weekend!
I’ll be sharing our progress and some live action on the IG story here, so be sure to tune in!
  • Rubbing shoulders with the locals. Always amusing. @rondevanvlaanderenofficial

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