If there’s a story to tell, why not share it? That seems to be the approach of Chris Miller, owner of the Nero KOM Finacial Advice Racing team. He’s created a vlog that helps show off the team colours, sponsors’ logos and provide some insight into the culture of his squad.

One of the common complaints about the NRS in recent times relates to the media coverage the series receives… or, rather, the coverage it no longer receives. Instead of just get frustrated, some teams are putting their energy into showcasing what they’re doing – on a local and national level.

Chris Miller is a handy videographer and he has created a YouTube channel that is getting some solid traction.

On average he is posting a new clip each week and they provide a little bit of insight into what he and the Nero KOM Financial Advice Racing team are doing day to day, week to week, race to race…

We continue our series of team profiles, offering a summary of the roster as well as a few shout-outs to sponsors and an overview of what the hopes and ambitions of the respective line-ups are for 2018.

Miller explains a little about his team with his answers to RIDE’s 10-question survey on NRS teams…


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1. Can you please provide a list of riders on your team?


Nero KOM Financial Advice Racing    
Name State Club
Michael Brown NSW Sydney Uni Velo Club
Justin Tomlinson NSW Sydney Uni Velo Club
Angus Calder NSW Northern Sydney CC
Christopher Miller NSW Sydney Uni Velo Club
Daniel Roberts-Clarke NSW Sydney Uni Velo Club
Daniel van der Laan NSW Sydney Uni Velo Club
Alex Abell NSW Sydney Uni Velo Club
Beau Heath NSW Sydney CC
Angus Wilson NSW Sydney Uni Velo Club
Ben van Dam TAS Hobart Wheelers
Sebastian Meyer NSW Randwick Botany CC
Grahame de Carvalho NSW Sydney Uni Velo Club
Simon Thomson NSW Sydney Uni Velo Club
Sam Bascombe VIC St Kilda Cycling Club
James Nicol NSW Sydney Uni Velo Club
Chris Kennett NSW Hamilton Cycling Club
Harry Bryant NSW Bathurst cycling club
Beau Heath NSW Sydney Cycling Club
Chris Powell NSW St George Cycling Club
Robert Matthews NSW Sydney Uni Velo Club
Leigh Phillips VIC Carnegie Caulfield CC
Luke Plapp VIC Brunswick Cycling Club
Antoine Gizardin NSW Randwick Botany CC
Alastair Reither NSW Sydney Uni Velo
Jordan Schmidt NSW SWCC

Click the link above to have a look at one of the vlogs from the YouTube channel ‘Chris Miller Cycling’.

2. Can you please list the staff/management of your team?

  • Chris Miller: team owner
  • Daniel van der Laan: coach/DS
  • Alastair Reither: Team Vic manager/race day manager
  • Geoff Stubbs: Soigneur


3. Can you please list your title sponsors and what their line of business is?

  • KOM Financial Advice: Providing income protection for cyclists and triathletes that gives the rider and the riders loved ones security in the case of the unfortunate event of a bike incident.


4. Can you please list your co-sponsors?

  • Mercedes-Benz Sydney
  • Atelier d’Velo
  • Sydney Uni Velo Club


5. Do you expect that your team will contest all events on the NRS calendar in 2018?

“Nero KOM Finacial Advice Racing intends to contest the full NRS calendar.”


6. Can you please list relevant social media links that are associated with your team?

Be sure to follow Nero KOM Financial Advice Racing on social media… who knows, you might even be entertained a little while watching cycling.

7. What is your team’s main motivation for being part of the NRS?

“We firmly believe the domestic race scene has both the talent and passion to grow into successful home grown entity. Racing here in Australia, against the best cyclists in the country is tough, but our riders and sponsors are up for the challenge.

“We also simply love bike racing, it brings out the best in the athletes and supporters.”


8. What could be done to improve the NRS?

“Positive rhetoric. It’s become too easy for riders, managers, administrators to sit back and take pot shots at the series.

“If we the teams create a positive tone and narrative to the series, it’s a great building block. So with that … we can’t wait for Grafton to Inverell and the NRS to kick off!”


9. How many years have you and your team been involved in:

a) Cycling? 7 years

b) The NRS? 1 year … 2017 was our debut.


10. Miscellaneous:

“Click the link below to see a little clip that introduces some of the riders in the team…”