The printing is done and delivery taking place. The Official Tour de France Guide, 2020 Australian edition, is on sale in newsagents soon. Pre-ordered magazines were lodged with Australia Post in Sydney at midday Friday 14 August.

Since 2003 RIDE Media has published the Official Tour de France Guide in Australia. It has become part of an annual print tradition: a preview to a bike race, but it’s more than just another magazine. We are proud to announce that, as of next Monday (24 August 2020), you’ll be able to buy it in newsagents and bike shops around Australia.



The 107th edition of the Tour de France has been delayed 63 days from its original dates in 2020. You know why, and are probably also well aware that racing has returned to the roads of France.

The Tour Guide will come out in Australia only days before the start of the race this year. It’s much later than usual, and I am confident to say you know why. The pandemic has influenced the production of the magazine this year and yet it is clear that there is a large audience out there, looking forward to the Tour, and their souvenir-edition magazine.

I’m humbled by the support received in the short time since we began offering pre-order sales and grateful for your enthusiasm. To watch the orders flow in during the final days of production was most motivating at a time when much was being juggled to ensure that we met our print deadline.

Please understand that this is a big operation that requires contributions from a wide range of people around the world. There are photos and interviews, analysis of riders and the route, and there are sidebars on how all the teams have managed preparations in the time of COVID-19.

We look at how cycling has coped with the challenges of 2020 and find out why the race director, Christian Prudhomme believes that this year’s Tour will be a “symbol of rebirth”.

And of course, we showcase the beauty of a bike race that has captured our imagination for years.

A big thank you to all readers and advertisers: it’s great to be able to bring out another big magazine about cycling.

The cover unveiling is an exciting time. Usually I rush it because I’m proud of what we have created in a small office in Sydney and as soon as I see the printed copies, I want you to know the magazine will soon be available. I’ve been little patient this year; our copies were delivered last Friday, at the time time pre-orders were lodged with Australia Post.

Retail is different this year too, so please understand that distribution is also more complex than in the past, explaining why it’s so late in shops. Of course, as soon as it’s printed I want you to read it; but thank you for your patience. If you have any questions on availability, please send an email.

As shopping can be difficult in 2020, we ordered additional copies of the magazine…

There are many traditions associated with the Tour de France and on a personal level it conjures many fond memories of time spent working on the race. The Tour Guide is also something that reminds me how popular our sport has become in Australia. Each year, the magazine provides a talking point in a growing community of people who are attracted to bike riding.

The cycling life is a good one. That is a theme I’ve tried to relay in the Tour Guide of 2020. Ride. Enjoy.

That’s what I’ll be doing when the race is on this year. Now, instead of driving around France following the bike race, I’ll be riding my bike and paying attention in a different way.

Thanks to everyone who has shown an interest in the Tour Guide over the years; I hope you enjoy the 2020 when you see it.

There’s no long flight ahead but I’m looking forward to continuing to share stories of the Tour, and bike racing, and cycling. It’s part of me, and I enjoy the cycling life. I hope you do too.


– By Rob Arnold

Publisher, RIDE Media


*Note: given numerous logistical challenges, it was not possible to achieve a timely on-sale date in New Zealand shops. This year, NZ customers can order direct.

Online orders, in both New Zealand and Australia, received after 9 August 2020 will be charged for postage.