The Parlee ESX…

“The ESX is a departure from Parlee’s usual niche. This is the company’s first foray into the complicated and often confusing world of aerodynamic road bikes. There’s a reason why some aero bikes look so cool… the design choices made are often made more for aesthetic and marketing purposes than efficacy. With an ethos based on function over design, a push into this area seems a little at odds with the Parlee modus operandi. But when considering his history in boat design, company founder and designer Bob Parlee has extensive experience with fluid dynamics. So a push into the aero realm is not entirely removed from his area of expertise.”

– Read all of Shane Lovejoy’s appraisal in RIDE Cycling Review #65.



RIDE Image Gallery…
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Each issue of RIDE Cycling Review features five bike tests and each product is put through a series of protocols that have evolved over the years. We now subject the review bikes to…

• A ‘Build Report’ written by a mechanic after his fully disassembles the bike (and weighs each component) to get a closer look inside the frame and then see how it all comes back together.

• ‘Flex test jig‘ – which measures frame deflection when a 40kg weight is applied to the right crank.

• ‘Wheel test’ – when we measure flex of a rim.

• Weight list of every component… the actual weight, not just what the manufacturers want to promote.

• Full specification listing…

The review itself relates to the ride quality and characteristics of each bike as observed by someone who gets to use it for several weeks (or, at times, months). The captioning is done by our in-house mechanic, Greg Chalberg, who also takes the photos.


Round Table Observations
Since RIDE #54, we have  also published a two-page spread dubbed ‘Round Table Observations’. The concept is to get everyone in the office to ride all five review bikes one after the other and offer a brief appraisal of what they feel the highlight or lowlights are. Here are the unedited voice files from each tester’s first impression of the Parlee ESX:

Greg: Parlee_Greg

Harrison: Parlee_Harrison


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There are now 20 issues of RIDE available in a digital format via Zinio, with reviews of 116 bikes.

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