The Trek Emonda SLR 9…

“Let’s be clear: this is high-end technology and an obvious attempt to lure riders who may have looked elsewhere for weight reductions. It doesn’t come cheap but there is nothing to change even if you’re looking to take on the pro peloton. This is a bike that’s been put on a diet but it’s still filled with all the nutrition it needs.”

– Read all of Shane Lovejoy’s appraisal in RIDE Cycling Review #66.



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Listen to what Rob Arnold had to say after his quick ride on the Trek Emonda.



Each issue of RIDE Cycling Review features five bike tests and each product is put through a series of protocols that have evolved over the years. We now subject the review bikes to…

• A Build Report written by a mechanic after his fully disassembles the bike (and weighs each component) to get a closer look inside the frame and then see how it all comes back together.

Flex test jig – which measures frame deflection when a 40kg weight is applied to the right crank.

Weight list of every component… the actual weight, not just what the manufacturers want to promote.

Full specification listing…

The review itself relates to the ride quality and characteristics of each bike as observed by someone who gets to use it for several weeks (or, at times, months). The captioning is done by our in-house mechanic, Jack Lynch while the photos are taken by our designer Shane Lovejoy.