In each issue of RIDE Cycling Review, you’ll find five comprehensive bike tests. They include a vast collection of photos displaying each bike from every angle possible. Each review is three pages and offers commentary on ride quality, handling characteristics, and evaluations on weight, price, component specification and the many other attributes that influence how a bike performs. The test protocols are considered and have evolved over the years. We put each bike on a flex test jig, measuring movement of the frame when a 40kg weight is applied to the crank. There’s also a build report with observations from our in-house mechanic explaining the inner workings of each bike and how it all comes together. And there is also the group ride session – dubbed ‘Round Table Discsussion’ – where a range of people ride one bike after the other and offer immediate feedback on the observations they note on their maiden ride. And, of course, there’s the usual attention to detail that readers have come to expect from RIDE including publishing weights of every component (as taken from our scales, not claimed weights), and the full spec sheet for each bike.

Our aim is to provide as much information as possible so that potential buyers can get a full, unbiased overview of the product.

There is considerable cost involved in each review and many hours invested in putting the bikes through the paces but we do not charge bike companies for the reviews as this may be construed as trying to influence the commentary.

To date we have reviewed a total of 367 bikes and although we believe our tests are the most comprehensive the process is constantly evolving. (If you have any suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact RIDE and explain your ideas.)

As we have captured the bikes from every angle, we believe it’s important to offer the chance for readers to see the photos in all their glory and not just the insets on the printed page. For this reason, once each issue has gone on sale, we publish additional material online including a full collection of photos in an easy-to-navigate gallery as well as audio of the commentary from the Round Table Discussion and any other extras from the workshop that may be applicable.


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In the coming days we’ll be publishing the online extras for the five bikes on test in RIDE #68. These are:

1. De Rosa King XS



2. Cervélo R5



3. BMC TeamMachine SLR02



4. Neil Pryde Bura SL



5. Scott Solace 10