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RIDE Cycling Review – issue 75

RIDE Cycling Review – issue 75

The 75th edition of RIDE Cycling Review has been printed and is being distributed.

Subscription copies were mailed from Sydney on Monday 20 March. (Newsagents will have it on sale around Australia on Monday 27 March.)




Editorial #RIDE75


“Here we are, at the beginning of our 20th season and there’s always more to say.”


“The message is one of optimism and encouragement with a clear conclusion: ride your bike. It’s good for the soul! This is what we’ve always tried to convey. It’s done in different ways each year and no issue of RIDE is the same. But that doesn’t mean there’s no place for annual traditions.

“Inside our 75th edition you’ll find another eclectic array of reading on a range of topics, even if they do come back to the obvious theme: cycling. But in the guts of the magazine is an overview of equipment used by the pro peloton. This is a massive feature with hundreds of photos and plenty of reading. It is made possible thanks to the support we receive from staff of the WorldTour teams and with a solid dose of work in Adelaide each January. Turn to page 64 and flick from one team to the next, one beautiful bike to another. Get a glimpse of what some of the best riders in the world use when they are plying their trade.




“We try to cover every angle and there are certainly plenty of extras from the team bikes – and many other stories from this issue – shared on and social media. We do this because the aim is to give our readers insight, inspiration and value.

“You spend $15 on the magazine and we want it to be full of the things you want to see. The printed product is only one aspect of what RIDE Media is all about and although we have been experimenting with other broadcast options in recent times our heritage is print. It takes a long time to prepare and a wide range of emotions are evoked during the production period but we ultimately love being able to share stories that make us appreciate all that the bike has to offer.

“These past few months have provided a wealth of riding options and every minute on the bike is savoured.

“Over the so-called ‘Summer of Cycling’ there was some great racing action, lot of product releases, and some group therapy in bunches around Australia. There’s also been the chance to explore places, emotions and different disciplines as I’ve fallen in love with cycling all over again. It’s part of an ongoing saga and I’ll be sure to stay in touch as we ride through our 20th year and beyond.”


– Rob Arnold


* * * * *


Look out for #RIDE75 in the post (if you’re a subscriber) or at the newsagents from the end of the month.








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