Every stage, every day, every Tour… since 1998. After 20 years of spending July in France, the logical thing for a cycling journalist to do is, quite obviously, go back for another big loop! 

Following Le Tour  An annual tradition continues 


– By Rob Arnold


The Tour de France has been a big part of my life. As well as publishing this magazine every year since 2003, I’ve also reported from every stage of the race since 1998. During that time I’ve seen a lot of France, met some amazing people and seen plenty of great cycling. If you’ve seen the race from a first-hand perspective, you will understand the attraction. Yes, it’s confusing, chaotic and it can be stressful, but when it’s a part of an annual routine, it’s hard to imagine being anywhere else in July.    

The stories that emerge from each edition of Le Tour are plentiful; many of them have been told over the years but there is always more to say. Media coverage has evolved a lot in the time I’ve been involved and Australians can now see more of the race than ever before, live on television (or, in growing numbers, from the roadside).

It may be on very late at night (and early in the morning) but the Tour is the one cycling event that conjures coverage in Australia every year. The Official Tour de France Guide provides a preview and, these days, when the race is on I’m reporting on it for a number of outlets including SBS and the ABC, as well as daily coverage on ridemedia.com.au.

RIDE Media’s coverage from the 2018 Tour de France will have a strong focus on the Australian influence on the race.

For 16 years I wrote the English content of the official website, LeTour.fr, and got to understand the rhythm of the race, learn a little of the local language and a lot about the culture of cycling. The event provides a focal point but there are numerous periphery elements that deserve attention. The Tour is contested in no ordinary sporting arena, it has been through troubled times and yet it has grown in stature and become more international than ever before.

In 2018, RIDE Media is teaming up with Bennelong Funds Management, who is sponsoring our coverage of the Tour de France on ridemedia.com.au.

‘RIDE Media on Tour with Bennelong’ will be the theme for July. It is an opportunity to report on the action with the aim of creating original content and providing insights that aren’t part of the standard coverage.

The Official Tour de France Guide – Australian edition (below) is on sale in newsagents now.

The Tour de France is a massive sporting event but it also provides plenty of other stories during its three-week span and I’m looking forward to sharing some of the experiences from my 21st successive Grande Boucle. Thanks to the support of Bennelong, this will be possible – and it’ll include a few surprises, not just racing coverage. There’ll be written reports, regular updates for the famous #CouchPeloton, as well as interviews (podcast and video) and insights from my journey from the Vendée to Paris… the long way around.

Bennelong Funds Management came to cycling in 2018 as the sponsor of an Australian team. It earned good exposure at the start of the year during the ‘Summer of Cycling’ and the team has been active in races around the world. Bennelong-SwissWellness has achieved success nationally and internationally and it is helping Aussie riders achieve their goals while showcasing the sport to what was once an antipodean cycling audience. Several riders in the peloton at this year’s Tour de France have come through the system that’s now supported by the funds management company.

Bennelong believes in the spirit of cycling – from competition to recreation, from the Tour de France to the local club, from the physical benefits that come with bike riding to the social interaction that is so much part of the cycling life… My focus in July will be on a bike race but there’s a lot to the Tour. Tune in and join me on what promises to be an exciting journey.



– Rob Arnold

*This article was originally published on the back page of the 2018 Official Tour de France Guide (Australian Edition).

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RIDE Media: on Tour in 2018 with Bennelong – proudly supporting the next big thing.

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