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Talking about Revolve24 with Rupert Guinness

Talking about Revolve24 with Rupert Guinness

He’s written about cycling for a long time and Rupert Guinness is finding the love again – by riding his bike… a lot. He talks about his experience in Revolve 24 Australia.

“In one day, you get a good week’s training load,” says Rupert Guinness about what it’s like to ride almost 600km in 24 hours. He was one rider to contest Revolve 24 Australia as a solo competitor. And it has helped him find the love of cycling again.

RIDE got him talking about the experience and he considers how he came out of it. He wasn’t the fastest – that honour went to Australia’s national track endurance coach Tim Decker (811.6km in 24 hours!) – but he did come out of it with “bragging rights”.


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– Click the link below to listen to his comments a day after he stepped off the bike… – 


Click the link above to watch RIDE Media’s interview with Rupert Guinness about Revolve 24 Australia.

Rupert knows how to tell a good story and he recognises the benefits of riding his bike again. It has helped him physically and emotionally.

“I’m already starting to think of ways I could have done it better,” he says of the ride itself. And that hints that he’ll be back for the second edition in 2019.

“I’m a newbie into this ultra-endurance riding and there’s so much to learn.

“There’s no such thing as a ‘failure’ in this type of riding. It’s an experience that you learn from and you just build on the platform.”

He also contested the IndiPac in 2017 and his aim is to return to that ultra-endurance event so he has hardly stopped riding his bike since Revolve 24. Every ride is training but there’s also more to it. “I was very happy to have achieved what I achieved,” says ‘Rupe’ in our long interview.

He turns 56 this year but he believes his body is managing the workload well. He had a hernia operation only six weeks prior to Revolve 24 but he was determined to start… and finish. He covered 586km in a day only a couple of weeks ago.


– By Rob Arnold

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