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Team bikes: Lampre-Merida 2016 – Merida

Team bikes: Lampre-Merida 2016 – Merida

Lampre-Merida has a new bike for 2016. The lightweight Merida Scultura has been added to its armoury so riders can now choose to race with it or the aero Reacto Evo.

The Scultura is a nimble frame which has the rear brakes under the bottom bracket. Bottom bracket mounted brakes were first developed to enhance a bike’s aero properties but in the case of the Scultura their purpose is to improve compliance. Seatstays uninhibited by a brake bridge allow a little give and provide some extra comfort for the riders.

Click the photo of Louis Meintjes’ race machine to view a gallery of his Merida Scultura.

Bike test 03: RIDE 69 – Merida Scultura
RIDE #63 Bike Review – Merida Reacto Team

Click the image above to view gallery

Not long after the launch of the new model year Scultura, we caught up with Merida’s product manager Daniel Schwenk to ask him about the development of what is one of the lightest frames in the pro peloton.

Click the SoundCloud file below to listen to the Q&A with Schwenk from Merida.



2015 Lampre-Merida team bike (below)
2015 LAM_TeamBike_Fangle


2014 Lampre-Merida team bike (below)
2014 LAM_Ulissi_Main


2013 Lampre-Merida team bike (below)
2013 Merida_Lampre




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