A few new jerseys – recently crowned national champions and the traditional pre-Tour sponsor change for the team once known as GreenEdge – and a nice atmosphere: it was all captured in La Roche-sur-Yon last night by Jean-Pierre Ronco.

The team presentation is one of those rare occasions when all riders who will contest the Tour de France can be seen riding without their helmets. Ah, it’s a little bit of nostalgia to see the cyclists’ faces while they pedal and it seems to endear them a little more with the public. Smiles are on display and the stress of the race seems like it’s still an age away.

It also helps build the buzz and gives photographers a chance to add to their portfolio.

For Jean-Pierre Ronco, it is another challenge: to shoot from behind the barricades as an unaccredited photographer. This is expected to change before the race begins but by him being position in there, with the crowd, it allows him to soak up the vibe and illustrate what it’s like for the spectators on the day.

Below are a series of images by Ronco to show some of the emotions of yesterday’s presentation of the riders for the 2018 Tour de France.


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