For the first time at the Santos Tour Down Under, Today’s Plan in conjunction with past and present Avanti Racing Team riders who were picked for the wildcard UniSA Team are sharing their heart rate and power outputs across every stage of the opening round of the Pro Tour.

Firstly, we’d like to thank the riders –
Neil Van De Ploeg (Avanti Racing)
Jack Haig (Avanti Racing)
Steele Von Hoff (NFTO Racing)

Neil and Jack are both riding with power meters allowing side by side comparison of two different types of riders in the bunch.
We are only sharing Steele’s heart rate data – why? This illustrates the difference in the time spent in each zone.

Comparing these zones outlines the difference in training with a heart rate monitor over a power meter. The lag (or time required for response in heart rate) in a rider’s heart rate is clearly outlined from the data captured from the People’s Choice Crit where Steele spent most time in a higher zone.

RIDE readers can now compare their data with three up and coming Australian riders who are mixing it with the pros.