Part three of our series of favourite photos for the 2013 season is by Yuzuru Sunada. This Japanese photographer has been shooting cycling for over 20 years; he spends much of the season living out of a suitcase in hotels around the world but has offices near Monza, Italy and his home in Toyama, Japan. As one of RIDE‘s regular contributors since 2001, you can see his work in every issue. His selection of 15 images have all been issued in black and white…

To see Sunada’s gallery of 15 favourite photos from 2013, click the image of Katie Compton in the Namur round of the Cyclocross World Cup (below)…


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*Intro to the series: As we ride towards the end of 2013, RIDE Media will be publishing a collection of images from some of our valued contributors. We asked some of our regular photographers to send a selection of shots from the season with a little explanation of what makes the photo special. While some of the images in these galleries may have been published in RIDE Cycling Review (or elsewhere) beforehand, this is our way of saying farewell to 2013 and thanks for the memories. There were some special moments throughout the season and I think you’ll agree that these photos capture the spirit of cycling.

Part 01: Mark Gunter

Part 02: Mark Johnson

Part 03: Yuzuru Sunada