Part two of our interview with Allan Peiper: why his love of cycling has never faded…

Photos: Graham Watson

“I’ve been in Belgium for 40 years and my wife said to me the other day, ‘Maybe you need to start to culture some other hobbies apart from cycling…’ but there is nothing else in my life. [Cycling] is my work, it’s my hobby, it’s my love. It’s what drives me. It’s what I’m interested in.

“As long as I can be involved and as long as I can be riding a bike, it’ll be the focus of my life.”


Allan Peiper is managing some tough challenges in 2019, including courses of chemotherapy to try and combat cancer that has spread in recent times to his lungs and ribs. But, once a bike rider, always a bike rider.

In part one of RIDE Media’s interview with him on the eve of the Grand Départ of the Tour de France in Belgium, he explained how cycling helps him manage the toxicity of the cancer treatment.

Talk quickly turned to racing and he relished the chance to talk about the opening stages of the Tour of 2019, being contested not far from his Belgian base in Geraardsbergen. He also offers an observation of the differences in cycling cultures from his homeland, Australia, and his adopted country.


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