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Talking Cycling podcast: Simon Mottram of Rapha

Talking Cycling podcast: Simon Mottram of Rapha
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“In terms of general take up of cycling? It’s all happening.

“It’s happening around us. We’re just not helping as an industry.”

– Simon Mottram

‘Talking Cycling’ by RIDE Media


Here the full interview, click the SoundCloud file below

Listen to our full interview with Mottram on SoundCloud or watch it on YouTube.

RIDE: The Rapha CC example is one that goes against trend. It’s clearly popular. Tell us a little about that initiative and what the driving force behind it all is.

Simon Mottram: “Rapha was always a bit of a club, I suppose. And I always wanted it to be for people who cared about cycling – that was the idea.

“So, starting with .CC as a URL was pretty revolutionary, and it was only because .com was already taken so I couldn’t buy it. I tried. And when I couldn’t buy it, I thought, ‘Well actually, I can probably find that…’ I know where the cyclists live… I know that community because I’m part of it. So if it’s about those people then why not use .CC because all our clubs in the old days used to be called [insert club name] CC…

“So I put [the bid in for] and I think my board thought I was a bit crazy – they were a bit dubious – and it took off because we weren’t trying to talk to everybody in the world. We were trying to talk to people who vaguely knew what we were talking about.

“And so it started as .CC – which is ‘club’ – and then it was natural to sort of do a club house at some point. Or, a ‘Cycle Club’ as we called them then – a physical place.

“Once we had a few of them it just felt like a natural development to have like a formalised club.

“And we don’t want the thing to be super exclusive.

“I think, actually, when you see the RCC on the road or see us hanging out, everyone is very open and generous and normal people. The idea is that it’s a very open looking club, but it does cost to join and it is a membership organisation.”


– Watch, or listen to, the full interview on YouTube or SoundCloud – 



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