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Talking Cycling interviews as podcasts

Talking Cycling interviews as podcasts
The ‘Talking Cycling’ series of interviews which we have broadcast on YouTube are now available on Soundcloud.

There are hours of conversations broadcast on RIDE’s YouTube channel. The ‘Talking Cycling’ series of interviews include a range of personalities who have a link with the cycling world. There are riders – past and present – as well as administrators, businessmen, and athletes from other sports.

It’s an eclectic mix of people and a wide range of topics are discussed.

What sets these interviews apart is that there is usually no time limit and no need to rush answers to achieve the quest of getting a simple soundbite.

There is no script and no preset agenda. Rather, we sit down and start talking… about cycling – and a host of other topics that may (or may not) be related. The result is a candid, honest discussion about things that can sometimes be overlooked when reporting on an activity such as riding a bike.


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We have referenced these discussions before, publishing posts about them when they were originally put online. But the format wasn’t exactly ideal – certainly not if you are mindful of your data usage when watching YouTube on your mobile device.

It is interesting to watch the mannerisms and see the conversation unfold but ultimately what’s said is most important. For this reason, we have re-saved the files as audio-only, and put them online as podcasts that you can listen to them on SoundCloud.

Below are the links for eight interviews as they can be found RIDE’s SoundCloud channel.

When you clip in for your next home trainer session why not click on a chat with Steve Waugh or Michael Drapac or Owain Doull or Rupert Guinness or Mike Kluge or Simon Mottram or Stuart O’Grady or Craig Alexander?

In the coming days we’ll be adding more of from our collection interviews to SoundCloud.

We hope you have seen the interviews already but if you haven’t, you now know you can hear them – and not fret about using up too much data.


– By Rob Arnold

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