Film. Remember that? It’s what we used for photos back in the day when RIDE began. Publishing was different then. So too the time spent in the studio photographing bikes that were featured in every issue. For the first 10 years of making our magazine, we used Chris Elfes to do all our product photography and he would test the lighting in the studio with a Polaroid… Google it kids, it’s like old-school Instagram.

For the sake of nostalgia, we thought it would be fun to feature a gallery of images with scans of these Polaroid moments, when one RIDE staff or another would help set up the bike and inevitably find himself in some odd pose or another while Elfes clicked away. Usually the Polaroids that were taken in the midst of the set-up so you’ll often see Rob Arnold (the publishing editor), Dave Heaven (our first employee) or Shane Lovejoy (our faithful designer) in the shot. Our bike test archive is an extensive one – and growing every week. When the issue #64 goes on sale later this month, we’ll have published reviews on 335 bikes! These Polaroids are just a reminder of some from the collection.

Click on the image of Rob Arnold and his Cannondale Six-13 – tested in RIDE #17 – (below) to begin the slideshow…


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Note: these are photos of bikes tested between 2002 and 2006.