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RIDE bike review overview – Cannondale

Cannondale is another brand to have had a double-digit tally of bikes tested in RIDE. There’s the TT machine in RIDE #59 (the Slice RS) but the most recent road bike is similar to the one featured on the Cannondale pro bike page at the start of the 2013 season, the Super-Six Evo. Here is a summary of what bikes from Cannondale RIDE has tested, how much they cost at the time and what issue you can find them in…


Cannondale’s bike test history in RIDE


Evo. Reviewed by Alex Malone. (RIDE #54)
“Much of the Evo’s rear end hails from the MTB world, particularly the hardtail Cannondale Flash. That bike has been around for a number of seasons with the rear end acting like a mini suspension system with the tapered seatpost also adding to the effect. The lessons learned have been transferred for the road. The stays work in harmony to keep the rear wheel tracking perfectly without being harsh while the seat tube is tapered, instead of the post. So, even though the Evo is barely a year old, it isn’t an unknown quantity because it’s proven to be a success on the trails. Efficiency is just as important as traction whether on the road or off it and that’s certainly the case with the Evo.”


BrandModel NamePrice*Issue numberZinio LinkBack Issue
CannondaleR2000$3,995RIDE #07Not available#07
CannondaleCAAD4RIDE #09Not available#09 (Sold out)
CannondaleR2000Si$4,999RIDE #10Not available#10
CannondaleCAAD6$8,000RIDE #14Not available#14 (Sold out)
CannondaleCAAD7 Black Lightning$9,995RIDE #17Not available#17 (Sold out)
CannondaleSix-13$9,399RIDE #23Not available#23 (Sold out)
CannondaleSynapse$6,800RIDE #29Not available#29
CannondaleSuper Six$8,200RIDE #38Not available#38 (Sold out)
CannondaleCAAD10$4,500RIDE #51Available#51
CannondaleSuper Six EVO$8,999RIDE #54Available#54


CAAD 10 1. Reviewed by Alex Malone. (RIDE #51)
“Aluminium does not necessarily come with a weight penalty. A sub-seven kilogram complete bike was achieved with my CAAD frame and the latest is a little lighter, not by much but enough to allow for more durable parts to be installed and be respectable on the scales. The latest is not the lightest in the series – in 2002 the limited-edition Black Lightning frame was under one kilogram; impressive even by today’s standards. Don’t worry about online claims, it is still light enough to be used by many aspiring racers. They ride a Cannondale for its handling, not the weight. Throw enough money around and any bike will lose grams but it won’t make it ride significantly differently. The CAAD is not defined by its weight but acts to complement the package.”


Super Six. Reviewed by Rob Arnold. (RIDE #38)
“Before the turn-around of a 50km loop, I’d been swooped twice. Fine singers, indeed… but they are nasty animals when they believe a cyclist is threatening their nest! By the end of the ride two more magpies had a go. Someone out there knows. During my third battle with the bird, I turned to see a driver in a white Honda Civic that was behind me holding up a camera phone to record the savagery. (Are you this guy? Where is the footage?!)”




  • Sweet salute from Raphael Freienstein at the Tour of Brisbane. Ah, Is that a bell?
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  • Hey guys. Stuey here! I’m back on the @ridecyclingmedia IG following an action packed, Classics mad week with @mummucycling . From Flanders, we hit the Ardennes to tackle the trio of Classics there, finishing off superbly by riding the @amstelgoldrace finale today. A treat to have smooth roads and sunshine on our backs, following a cobble-crazy week.
We also had the pleasure of catching up with this legend ☝️ @eddymerckx525 which was an honour for us all and a very cool experience for our guests. 👑🙌🏻
The fun and games continue this weekend as we head to my favourite...the Queen of the Classics @parisroubaixcourse for a bit of fun in hell 😜.
Tomorrow our crew will tackle the Paris-Roubaix challenge which will be an awesome opportunity to ride some of the races famous sectors and see just how brutal the pavé can be. We’ll then be kicking back Sunday to enjoy all the action and conclude our trip on a high. It’s been real and can’t wait to round it off with the big one this weekend!
I’ll be sharing our progress and some live action on the IG story here, so be sure to tune in!
  • Rubbing shoulders with the locals. Always amusing. @rondevanvlaanderenofficial

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