Over the years we have tested four bikes from Felt. Each one left quite an impression with the latest, the F1 (from RIDE #54) akin to what the Argos-Shimano team is riding in 2013. Curiously, however, the team’s frame option is slightly heavier than what you can buy. In our feature on team bikes from RIDE #59, Koen de Kort offers his appraisal of the Felt F1.

Here is a summary of what bikes from this US brands we have tested in RIDE.

Felt’s bike test history in RIDE

F1. Reviewed by Rob Arnold. (RIDE #54)
“When things fall into place and a bike seems as natural to ride as the F1, commentary doesn’t come easily. When you don’t have to stop and tinker with any parts, it’s easy to enjoy the pleasure of pedalling for the sake of pedalling. When it feels as though you are going faster with less effort on a variety of terrain, the obvious conclusion is that this is exactly what I’m looking for in a bike.”


BrandModel NameFrame materialPrice*Issue numberZinio LinkBack Issue
FeltF1Ccarbon-fibre$7,499RIDE #29Not available#29
FeltF2carbon-fibre$5,799RIDE #36Not available#36 (Sold out)
FeltAR2carbon-fibre$7,499RIDE #45Not available#45
FeltF1carbon-fibre$13,699RIDE #54Available#54
*In AUD at the time of the test



Devox is responsible for the controls on the F1. While Rob enjoyed the subtle ergonomic shape of the handlebars, one would expect some higher-end components for this price.


Felt’s F-series frames use BB30 bottom brackets all the way from the F1 through to the F5. There are two models which require adaptor cups; the F1 with Dura-Ace Di2 and the F2 Ultegra Di2. The remaining five bikes are fitted with BB30-compatible cranksets.



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