Bruyneel, Armstrong and Landis. Champs-Elysées, 25 July 2004.
PHOTO: Yuzuru Sunada


11 October 2012

A summary of releases and reactions

The USADA has presented its document relating to the US Postal Service team. Here is the full PDF file.
As we work our way through it, RIDE Media will build a gallery of images with highlights, reactions, and related material.
Note: RIDE Media has been covering the story of this team, it’s victories, losses and the antics of its leaders, domestiques, management and staff since the inception of the title, RIDE Cycling Review in 1998. The story is a long one but it would seem that a conclusion to what is a particularly polarising topic has been presented. It seemed like a never-ending saga, but perhaps with this dose of clarity, we can turn a page on cycling’s dirty past and look towards a future which is bright and, we can only hope, more honest than it has been in the past.

USADA Statement 10 October 2012

Statement by George Hincapie

An era of asterisks – what about the stage wins?

Review of the 2005 Tour de FranceRIDE Cycling Review, September 2005

Pre-Tour de France comments by Lance Armstrong

Leaving a Legacy: notes on the (first) retirement of Lance Armstrong

Hope Fades: review of the 2006 Tour de France – RIDE Cycling Review, September 2006

ABC Radio Interview: 13 September 2006

• Summary of Lance Armstrong’s first six Tour de France victories: 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004


• To be continued… [and soon we can move on]



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