The Focus bike range has had a bold injection of colours for the new season line-up. We take a look at some of the road bikes for 2018…

Their colours are different. The pricing is revised for the Australian market. The naming protocols have evolved. There are a few minor technical changes. And the Focus road line-up for 2018 is ready to roll…!

Below you’ll find a gallery of images of three different iterations of the Focus Izalco Max. In 2018 it comes with electronic shifting (internal cabling – when required) or mechanical shifting (external derailleur cables) as well as a disc brake edition.

One glance is all it takes to notice the big change: colour…! In 2018, the Focus range is bright and beautiful.

These bikes have always performed well on the road and they are popular in bunches around Australia – but the tame schemes of 2017 have been ignited with colour for the new season range.

The Izalco Max with Dura-Ace mechanical shifting (above).

Exciting range for the Australian market

The Izalco Max is the flagship bike from Focus for 2018 (just as it has been in other years). It comes in brighter colours, although there are other more subdued options and the pricing is as follows:

  • Izalco Max Shimano Dura-Ace Di2: $9,999
  • Izalco Max SRAM Red eTap: $9,499
  • Izalco Max Shimano Ultegra Di2 – disc brake: $6,499
  • Izalco Max Shimano Ultegra (mechanical): $4,999


One minor change to the Focus road bike range is the way they are labelled: what had been known as the Cayo has become the Izalco Race. This is a quality bike that comes in either electronic or mechanical cabling configurations (ie. Di2 or Red eTap specific) and is one tier down from the top-of-the-line Izalco Max range.

The SRAM Red eTap version of the Izalco Max (above) is $500 cheaper than the Shimano Dura-Ace option…

There are bright, multi-coloured schemes or a more subdued single colour frame option. The pearl white of the SRAM Red eTap bike is a stunning finish and a strong contrast to the dark tones that had been so much a feature of previous ranges from Focus.

The pricing is good for the wireless shifting option and if this trend continues we’re bound to see much more eTap bikes on the roads this summer.

Learn more about Focus, watch our interview with the company’s founder Mike Kluge on YouTube…


There are many other options in the Focus range, reflecting the diversity of the cycling market at the moment.

The MTB collection boasts some great bikes, including an impressive range of e-Bikes.

Focus has a strong association with cyclocross and the brand dominates that growing market in Australia. Again, the tame colours have been given a make-over for the 2018 range and you’ll find some well-priced packages which plenty of innovation.


Pricing for Izalco Race

  • Izalco Race Shimano Dura-Ace: $4,999
  • Izalco Race Shimano Ultegra Di2: $4,499
  • Izalco Race Shimano Ultegra (disc brakes): $3,999
  • Izalco Race Shimano Ultegra (mechanical shifting): $3,199
  • Izalco Race Shimano 105: $2,399


Note: all prices are RRP in Australia.