One of the most expensive bikes reviewed by RIDE is this Cipollini… it’s a lovely frame – but $22,000?! Read our review from 2016.

Review introduction

Mario Cipollini may be perceived as one of the most brazen pro cyclists but he is a legend of the sport and maybe deserves more respect than his antics allow. Few match his reputation and these bikes are built to his instruction and specification. The NK1K sits at the top of the Cipollini bike catalogue and my first impressions were that it would be uncompromisingly quick and ride with the Italian feel that is so often celebrated.



Build Report introduction

Prior to building this Cipollini, RIDE was warned that there were only five NK1K frames in the world and this early creation was what Cipollini displayed at Eurobike and used for all its catalogue shots. As a result, it was a little bashed around and it is clear that a few manufacturing processes had yet to be ironed out when it was cast. The following report relates to the bike supplied for test and may not be a true reflection on how Cipollini NK1K bikes will present when the first full-scale production bikes are distributed later in 2016.


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