You can now read our full bike tests from back-issues of our magazine. This is the Look 795 as tested in #RIDE72.

Review introduction

Without hesitation, my appraisal of the Look 795 Aerolight is that it is one of the best bikes I have ever ridden. Its creative aerodynamic design enables effortless speed and acceleration that also connects the rider to the road. Throughout the test period, the proprietary headset, cranks and seat post excelled to give the 795 a solid feel, unrivalled by top-tiered aero bikes in this (very high) price category.



Build report introduction

As a bike, Look’s 795 is a masterpiece but as a bike to strip and rebuild, it presents as a nightmare so it was prudent to head to the long-term Australian agent to get a face-to-face lesson on how to manage the build. Thankfully, like any bike that is made up of proprietary systems, the 795 Aerolight was more bark that bite. When stripped bare each part made sense and even though it does not leave the mechanic with much time at the end of the day, it is logical enough to become autonomous as the learning rate principle kicks in.


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A total of 392 bikes were reviewed by RIDE Media from 1998 to 2017. We will be publishing some of the complete tests as PDFs on our Adobe page. If there is one bike in particular you would like to see, send an email request.