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– volume 1, 2017

RIDE #75 bike tests:

Ridley Noah SL-Side

• Ridley


• Canyon


• Scott


• Orbea

Specialized Allez-Side


The first of the five bikes on test in RIDE Cycling Review #75 is the Ridley Noah SL.

The new agent for Ridley in Australia, FE Sports, has recently acquired ‘Paint My Bike’, a Brisbane based custom bike finishing facility, and although our test bike features a fairly standard black/grey/red paint scheme, there is a wealth of options for potential customers.



Find out what Lachlan McKillop had to say about the Ridley Noah SL, turn to p.170 of #RIDE75.

“As tested, this Noah is $9,999, complete with wireless electronic shifting and reasonable wheels. Expect prices to be on par with this, varying only with spec (and the level of detail you opt for in the paintshop)…”



Ridley Noah SL-Detail-01Ridley Noah SL-Detail-02

Our test bike came complete with the fantastic new SRAM Red ensemble – a favourite amongst mechanics and riders alike for its easy build in the workshop and flawless function on the road.


Ridley Noah SL-Detail-03Ridley Noah SL-Detail-04

Ridley has long had unique forks which are said to improve the aerodynamics… even if you don’t notice the effect of less wind resistance, you will at least appreciate the classy aesthetic.


Ridley Noah SL-Detail-05

With no derailleur cables to worry about the bottom of the bike boasts very clean lines.


Ridley Noah SL-Detail-06Ridley Noah SL-Detail-07Ridley Noah SL-Detail-08Ridley Noah SL-Detail-09Ridley Noah SL-FrontRtRidley Noah SL-Jig

The flex test jig: we fasten the bike to a steel post and then apply 40kg on the non drive side crank to measure how much flex there is in the frame. The Ridley Noah SL moved 0.36mm at the bottom bracket, 0.25mm at the head tube, and 0.61mm at the top of the seat tube.


Ridley Noah SL-SideRidleyNoah SL-Buil-01

The mechanical work for the five bikes on test in #RIDE75 was done by Lachlan McKillop. The Ridley came together with a minimum of fuss…


RidleyNoah SL-Build-02RidleyNoah SL-Build-03

Inside and out, the finish on the Noah SL is first-class. No errant carbon filings, no chipped paint… none of the nasties that you can often find when you look hard enough.


RidleyNoah SL-Build-04Shimano-Ridley

The Noah SL is now also available with disc brakes. ‘Paint My Bike’ prepared this bike (above and below) for Shimano to showcase its new direct-mount system.




Photos by Shane Lovejoy & Rob Arnold