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First look: Oakley TDF edition Jawbreaker sunglasses

First look: Oakley TDF edition Jawbreaker sunglasses

It’s almost Tour de France time and Oakley is one brand that has coughed up licensing fees so that it can use the race logo on a range of products. These Jawbreaker sunglasses are one example…

“No. 105.” Get it? Released in time for the 105th edition of the Tour de France, we can assume that these Jawbreakers are part of a limited edition collection for the race in 2018.

They are sunglasses in a shape we’ve come to know but they feature a splash of yellow graphics above the left hand side of the frames and a tidy little Tour de France logo on the ‘Prizm Road’ lens.

Lift a little lever to extend the arms in increments of 5mm (5, 10 and 15mm options) to get the fit just right.

Lift the yellow nodule in the centre of the frames and easily unclip the lens for cleaning (or replacing with a different shade).

We know Oakley’s history in sports eyewear. We understand that cycling is a key category for the company. And it’s clear that, in 2018, the brand has shifted its focus back to our sport…

Match the Jawbreakers with one of the three new helmets.

For more information, see Oakley’s site.

The “No. 105” comes with the carry case and TdF-branded bag (but no other lens options – as these are aftermarket items).

As we have come to expect from Oakley, there is a vast range colour and lens options available.


Oakley Jawbreaker Tour de France 2018 edition

Price: $295

Weight: 32g

Photos: Rob Arnold

The Tour de France is owned by Amaury Sport Organisation (ASO) which has partnered with numerous brands for a range of merchandising. Oakley has been associated with the race for several years. The “No. 105” Jawbreakers are one of a series of sunglasses that feature the Tour de France logo.


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Any questions, send an email and ask…
in the meantime, here are some photos of the
Jawbreaker No. 105 (scroll down).

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