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New Trek Emonda gallery – now with disc brakes

New Trek Emonda gallery – now with disc brakes

When the invitation arrives to visit a bike manufacturer in June, it doesn’t take long to work out what’s about to happen: it’s launch season… and that’s why a handful of cycling media went to Wisconsin earlier this month. 

We can reveal that Trek’s lightweight road bike, the Emonda, is even lighter – and better (of course) – and now includes a range with disc brakes.


Over the coming days, we’ll publish a series of features about the development of the new Trek Emonda. This is a bike that was first put into production a few years ago and refined ever since. It was one of the lightest production frames in the world when first created and, of course, the new version is even lighter.

There’s much to the story but for the purpose of introducing the bike to our readers, below is a small gallery of images showing off some of the new bike – in disc brake and rim brake iterations.

The launch was planned so that the bikes will be available around the world shortly after the end of the embargo (30 June 2017).

Prices have dropped since the original release and the Emonda range in Australia will be from $2,499 (for the SL5) up to $12,999 for the top-of-the-line Emonda SLR9.

Compared with the equivalent top-end bike from 2016, the saving is $2,000.


#ToBeContinued… we have a series of interviews and reviews of the new bike but as the embargo ends on the eve of the Tour de France, we know that there are other things you’d like to read on our site. Still, the visit to Wisconsin was most educational and we look forward to sharing some of what we learned in the coming days.

When you see Alberto Contador racing his racing his Trek Emonda at this year’s Tour de France, consider this: he’ll be riding with almost the equivalent of a second frame inside the down tube of his bike. The new frame weighs in at just 640g! It has passed all requisite protocols to pass ISO standards as well as rigorous additional testing to ensure that it isn’t going to fail under load.

It is a glorious bike to ride. In my appraisal, better than the previous iteration. It is now lighter than the previous version and, get this, cheaper. And the Emonda is now also available as a disc brake option.

None of this is surprising. Okay, the embargo ends today and Trek has done a great job in being able to limit any significant leaks about the arrival of the new bike range to market. But this is the modern cycling. And June is the time for product releases.

The Tour de France is the catalyst for the emergence of a succession of new frames in the middle part of the season.

We’ve seen them unveiled in a range of ways. Companies endeavour to build the hype about products they are justifiably proud of. These new bikes are years in the making and require such a vast number of considerations that it is remiss to just dismiss these launches as “simply another bike you can buy”.

There’s so much to the process that Trek wants us to understand more about it.

The Emonda is light. It has amazing handling characteristics. It is available in interesting colour schemes with clever, neat graphics. And if you don’t like the offerings that you see in the brochure – well, their website – then, as most readers already know, you can create your own schemes.

You know about ‘Project One’ paint schemes, you know about the American heritage of the company, you know that it has naming rights its own WorldTour team… but there’s a lot more to the Trek story.

For now, have a look at some photos and start considering your options… if you’re in the market for a new bike, this is one well worth considering.




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