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Pedalit: keeping things clean

Pedalit: keeping things clean

RIDE took a shine to this new Australian bike cleaning brand this week. Take a look at the following products if you want help making your bike look new.




When Pedalit arrived at the RIDE office, it had a peculiar effect; for the first time in since this drab winter began, we felt compelled to clean our bikes.

Start with Resurrection to clean the drivetrain, then Splendor to wash the bike, then Glory to make the bike shine like a beacon. Too easy. Right?

What about the inevitable grease marks left on your hands after giving the bike a makeover? Abith!




Abith…? What’s Abith? Well it’s an acronym that we all instantly understand: Allowed Back In The House.

The name’s funny but the best thing about Abith is that it works. Microscopic beads massage into the fingerprints for a thorough, spotless clean. It smells good and is a bargain buy for professional mechanics and enthusiasts alike.




RIDE would like to welcome Pedalit into the bike industry. The stuff looks good, it’s inexpensive and it’s effective. Take a look at the company’s website for more.







  • Part 3 of the @cervelocycles #bike build is now up on our YouTube channel. #ridemedia #cycling #review #SRAM @parkbikes @cerveloaus
  • After years of enjoyment on the @norcobicycles #Fluid 20-inch #MTB the time has come to find a new owner. Selling this heirloom item as it deserves to keep helping kids become better riders. Interested? Send a message. (Sydney pick-up.)
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