At first glance the Propero is almost indistinguishable from the Prevail helmet, worn by the Specialized Lululemon team. It’s even available in team colours. It’s the little sister to the Prevail, and just as good for almost half the price.

As a girl the most important factor for me when buying a helmet is finding one that accommodates my ponytail. Specialized market specifically to women through their fully adjustable Headset SL fit system, offering four different height positions and a dial that is easy to use on the bike.

The main noticeable difference between the Propero and my S-Works unisex helmet is that it sits lower on the head, and with the SL fit system, ensures a much snugger, consistent fit. The straps are light and not too technical, with only one option for adjusting under the chin. This may be an issue for some who find that the ear lobe straps don’t sit in the right place- but for me they were perfect.

Another unique feature of the helmet is that it comes with reflective decals for extra road safety. It also boasts a new ‘4D’ cooling system. Compared to my 2011 model, one thing I did notice straight away was an increase in air circulation- I could actually feel the wind through my hair. Overall, I was quite impressed! – Gina Ricardo (Twitter @_ginar)





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