With the inclusion of the five bikes featured in issue #63 (on sale March 2014), the total tally of tests in RIDE is up to 329. Over the years we have seen trends come and go – and photographed, ridden and written about the evolution of design since 1998. And just when it seems a formula has been found, an innovation appears that compels brands to rethink what they’ve been doing.

There is no right or wrong for one person’s taste differs from the next. Ride quality, positioning, weight, price, purpose, aesthetic, heritage, branding, reliability, and after sales serviceability are all important considerations for the potential customer. Our aim is to report on the various elements of a bike in each review and provide our readers with the information that helps them understand the product – inside and out.

‘The Build Report’, ‘Round Table Discussion’, ‘Flex Test Jig’ data, ‘Sum of all Parts’, ‘Where is the Weight’ are all included to give readers the most complete picture of what each bike represents.

We review it and photograph it so that you see each bike in all its glory but there’s even more on offer online. Scan the QR-codes on the third page of every review and you’ll discover a gallery of images at as well as audio files offering comments from a range of riders about every bike on test.

If you miss an issue, then take a look at the RIDE app on Zinio: every edition since #46 has also been sold as an e-magazine and the photo quality is outstanding. You can zoom in closer than the photos on the printed page allow you to do and you’ll also discover a couple of extras that simply cannot be presented in the paper version of the magazine. Click here to see the complete catalogue on Zinio.