Mike Kluge has won cyclocross world championships and MTB World Cup titles but he stopped competing a few years after establishing the Focus bike brand. We talk to Kluge about his cycling, his business and a few other topics along the way…

Mike Kluge is a three-time cyclocross world champion, winner of an early edition of the MTB World Cup, and a rider who also competed on the road and track. In 1992, aged 27, the charismatic German established his own bike brand: Focus. He sold out in 2000 but has since returned to become the ‘Brand Developer’ for Focus, which is now one of the major players in the cycling market.

Kluge has been a cycling enthusiast all his life and his latest passion is e-bikes.

RIDE Media caught up with Kluge while he was in Australia for the launch of the 2018 Focus range.

This is a long discussion that covers a range of topics: his history with cyclocross, his introduction to MTB, the influence of doping on his career (as an athlete and business owner), and what he enjoys about cycling.


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Kluge enjoys his visits to Australia. He raced here in the 1990s when he was a mountain biker, competing against the likes of Cadel Evans. But now his visits are thanks to his role as ‘Brand Developer’ for Focus.

Mike Kluge is the latest interview in the growing ‘Talking Cycling’ catalogue from RIDE Media.

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