An innovative helmet-cam product by Arenberg is soon to go live with a Kickstarter campaign. Here’s a quick overview of a cycling product that seems long overdue…


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Arenberg – Road Helmet One from Patrik Molander on Vimeo.


An international cooperative has been piecing together an ambitious plan to help cyclists be able to easily capture and share the images and data of their ride. Part of the deal is the Eye Live app, and another element of the arrangement is the RH-1 (Road Helmet 1), which includes a high-quality camera.

At the end of September, a Kickstarter campaign will launch, and we wait to see how the market responds to the innovative helmet that does more than just offer protection for your head.

A cycling helmet… and more. Capture footage from your ride without the fuss of carrying cameras in your jersey pockets or having a large block of tech on top of your helmet.

Sydney-based cycling enthusiast, Chris Gillespie, one member of the Arenberg team, has promised RIDE Media a helmet for review in the coming months. For now you can see more of it by visiting the site and watching the explainer video.

Gillespie explains that the RH-1 is “the world’s first premium performance cycling helmet with integrated streaming camera technology”.

There’s a lot of tech inside this helmet and the aim of the product is to enhance the cycling experience and allow everyday riders to showcase their adventures while also sharing the wealth of data that is available in 2020.

“Arenberg’s mission,” says Gillespie, “is to inspire cycling communities through good design and technology.”

The Kickstarter campaign for Arenberg’s Road Helmet 1 (RH-1) is due to launch soon.

As well as the helmet, there’s the Eye Live app and associated interactive portals, including ‘Bike Battles’ – an easy way for enthusiasts to showcase their bikes while building a sense of community with likeminded riders.

There’s more to come, including a long interview with Gillespie who explains the Eye Live and RH-1 concepts and how they are being rolled out with a view to making it the social media portal for cyclists.