RIDE Media has created a group on Facebook called, ‘Australian Cycling Community – COVID-19 Discussion Group’. The aim is to generate commentary and a sharing of ideas for how we can all work towards the goal of getting through this current predicament and retaining a sense of normalcy at an extraordinary time.

Join the discussion: share your thoughts and ideas


The impact of COVID-19 is being felt by everyone and management of the fall-out requires outside-the-box thinking.

RIDE Media has long been a conduit between business and customers in the Australian cycling market and we recognise the value of the community spirit that exists.

To ensure ongoing health and a degree of normalcy, it is important to communicate with likeminded people and strive to find beneficial outcomes during an extraordinary time.

Individually, we may have some solutions to problems that others are facing; with this in mind, I am establishing a discussion group to encourage the exchange of experiences and ideas that may benefit others in our industry.

As a media outlet, we have access to a considerable audience and the capability of sharing information across a range of networks.

RIDE Media encourages anyone who is part of the Australian cycling community to join this group, with the ambition of establishing a portal that can be used to exchange ideas, explain concerns and, ideally, find solutions to problems that we are facing for the first time.

As always, we ask that you conduct yourself in a polite manner and respect other members of the group.

If you have any suggestions and/or comments, please don’t hesitate to write.

We may not find all the answers we need but we share many common concerns and, hopefully, together we may find a way to make this difficult time more manageable.


– Rob Arnold

Publisher, RIDE Media P/L


Note: management of the discussion page is additional to other duties at an already hectic time. Please be patient if you do not get an immediate response to any questions, and also be considerate of others who may be experiencing difficulties beyond what we fully understand. Let’s all try and help each other minimise the disruption and make the most of a difficult situation. – Rob