“The time has come to change lanes. It’s been a wild ride these past 20 years since I started riding laps around the SpeedDome back in Western Australia. All good things must come to an end and so I have decided to announce my retirement from professional racing.”

– Cameron Meyer, 5 September 2022

It has been a life of cycling for Cameron Meyer. He burst onto the international racing scene as a junior in 2005 with stars in his eyes and a desire to show the world what he was capable of.

The next year, he wore the green and gold jersey at the junior world championships and immediately made a significant impression winning three world titles – Madison (when he teamed up with his younger brother Travis), individual pursuit, and team pursuit (along with Travis, as well as Jack Bobridge and Leigh Howard).

Most Australian cycling fans from the past 20 years would have one story or another about a sporting highlight that featured Cameron Meyer. He was a showman on the track and a powerhouse on the road. And a quick search of his name in the RIDE Media archives reminds us of the many accomplishments achieved during a stellar career.He announced his retirement overnight with a montage of images from his career and a brief overview of those he’d like to thank for helping him become not just a pro cyclist but a fine ambassador for our sport.

“The amount of people to thank is a large list,” he wrote on an Instagram post. “My family and friends, my team-mates and coaches, the GreenEdge team, Midland Cycling Club, Western Australian Cycling, AusCycling and the Western Australian Institute of Sport. I would not have achieved or become the rider I am today without all your support.”

Scroll through the large collection of images below to see a few flashbacks of a career that is coming to a close in 2022.

On a personal note, I’ve been lucky enough to witness many of Meyer’s incredible performances on the road and track. He is a pleasure to interview and although shy by nature, he was also a true showman when he was on the bike. I too have a collection of memories from his racing days and, for me, the highlight was the points race of the 2012 world championships in Melbourne (above and below).

Oh, what a night that was! And what a stunning ride he put in to entertain his home crowd. He was a master on the boards and his grace and style was on display that night in Melbourne. Ten years have passed but the memory remains and, to this day, I get goosebumps thinking about how easily he made it look while he lapped the field, collected points and sprinted like the true superstar he is.

Cam, congratulations on an amazing time in the cycling realm. May the future be bright and filled with as many highlights as what you delivered by racing your bike.

– By Rob Arnold


Many of the images below have been published in RIDE Cycling Review magazines from over the years. Big thanks to the many contributing photographers who have captured many great images from the career of Cameron Meyer.

The photo credits are for: Mark Gunter, Jeff Crow, Yuzuru Sunada, Graham Watson, John Veage and Jarrod Partridge.

(Excuse me if I’ve missed anyone but Cam’s career included many highlights. – Rob)


Cameron Meyer: a gallery of memories

2006: Junior Australian Cyclist of the Year. Meyer and McEwen. (Photo: John Veage)