In the final episode of the #TalkingCycling series with Alex Dowsett, the former hour record holder explains some of what he learned from that special time trial… and offers an anecdote or two about other lessons from his time in cycling.

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This interview was arranged on day one of the 2020 Tour Down Under and recorded the following evening, after stage two of his first race with the Israel Start-Up Nation team. We had spoken only briefly in the past, but only in passing, and knew little about each other before hitting ‘Record’ on the camera.

It was after 8.00pm. He was yet to eat dinner and had just returned from a team function a few blocks from the Adelaide Hilton. Still, true to his word, Alex Dowsett met me in the lobby and we went to the first floor of the hotel, found a conference room, plonked the camera down and started talking.

It took three minutes to get set up for the chat. “How long do you think this’ll be?” Dowsett asked.

“As long or as short as you like. We’ll just see how the conversation flows: 15 minutes, maybe half an hour…”

“Okay. No worries,” he replied. “Let’s go.”

Forty-five minutes later, he reached a punchline of yet another anecdote and the camera offered a brief warning and then switched off. Battery empty. It was the spare too. Probably lucky. The interview may have turned into even more of an epic if technology didn’t intervene.

Alex Dowsett interview: part 1

Alex Dowsett interview: part 2

He’s got a strong social media following and, if you’re a fan of the 31-year-old from Britain who has been a pro for “around a decade now”, chances are you know much of his story. Still, it was interesting to sit him down and go through a few topics without a rush, without a need for a one-line grab, without trying to coax any more out of him than what he wanted to say.

It wasn’t difficult to get him started on any topic… a gentle prompt here and there, but he steered the discussion most of the time. And the result is an interesting retrospective (or sorts) of an interesting, on-going career.

If you haven’t yet watched any of the interview, put some time aside and you will learn a thing or two about Alex Dowsett, bike racing, haemophilia and a few other topics that were raised in long, interesting conversation.

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There is a long list of interviews in the #TalkingCycling series from RIDE Media with a few more that were recorded at the 2020 Tour Down Under yet to come.

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