The day after the #RoadNats, RIDE Media caught up with the runner-up in the final race of the championships, Kelland O’Brien.

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In the sprint for glory at the end of the 185km road race at the 2021 Australian championships, Kelland O’Brien maxed out at 1,400 watts. His normalised power, for almost five hours of racing, was 375 watts. His TSS score was 415.

He admits to cramping and being a bit sore the morning after, but otherwise he’s in peak form and is looking forward to the next event.

Next weekend he’ll race the Melbourne to Warrnambool and he’s looking forward to his second start in Australia’s oldest Classic. He’s done it once before and says it was “the easier 300km” he’s ever done.


During our chat, he explains his search for a pro contract and talks us through how he felt being so close to the national title… only to miss out because of a stunning finish by Cameron Meyer.

This is our first formal interview, and I’m sure it won’t be the last. I hope you enjoy the chat.


– By Rob Arnold


(Note: the image quality is rotten (because of a poor connection in Apollo Bay, where O’Brien was for the chat) but we get to learn a little more about what makes him tick.)