It was a serendipitous meeting: we saw a beach in Tasmania while on a family holiday minutes before Jono Cane arrived at Orford. After a quick introduction it was immediately apparent that what this 29-year-old was doing is something special. I took a few photos and turned on ‘Voice Memos’ for a most impromptu interview.

I’m proud to have met Jono Cane only nine days before he achieved a goal he’d set himself, to ride the equivalent distance of the circumference of the earth: 40,075km. He reached that kilometre count on Saturday, near Cradle Mountain in Tasmania.

Click the link above for a seven-minute slideshow about a rider who inspires me.


– Rob Arnold


To see Jono Cain’s photos and find out how he’s coping since finishing his ride, visit his homepage: Homeless But Not Hopeless.


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Jono Cane’s Facebook post upon completion of his ride…

“A hell of a lot of dedication within the decade I have been abroad has gone into this goal that has spanned so many years on a bicycle saddle covering 40,075km or 24,900 miles for those from The US and the UK and 4,007 Mil for those from Sweden.

“Through blood, sweat, tears, burst tires and snapped spokes I’ve cycled in volcano calderas, conquered insanely steep mountain ranges, tackled head on, downpours, hail, snow, blistering heat and even boulders crashing down over the road, I’ve witnessed a sacrificial ceremony ritual, been molested by a Greek man in a hot spring, shattered my collarbone, been confronted by bears, raped by sand flies, become delirious from sunstroke, very nearly been run over on multiple occasions, threatened by Albanian children, but it all boils down to the fact that is the most positively important aspect of this adventure and that is the fact that I had the opportunity to meet all of you!

“Everyone here and those that aren’t who I have met along the way have influenced me in one way or another through the experiences we shared, you are all beautiful, you are all wonderful and you have put a gigantic smile on my face for this incredible worldly amazing experience that has been unforgettable.”

– Jono Cane (12/12/2015)