Bikey Wipes is a young Australian company which has a range of environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions for your bike and drive-train. Degreasing the chain and keeping your pride and joy spotless has never been so simple…


Words and photos by Rob Arnold


Even before you delve into the details that have been considered by the founders of Bikey Wipes, you realise that the concept – an easy-to-store, easy-to-use, disposal, bike cleaning rag – is a logical solution to an old problem. When your bike is dirty, you want it to be clean.

Once you’ve done the job, there’s a sense of satisfaction in riding something that glistens and is also quieter and more efficient. Also, importantly, a bike that’s well cared for and carefully maintained lasts longer.

Remember that first time you used a degreaser on your chain and cassette? Oh, what a pleasure to see the gunk fall off with such ease. But then, once the bike is clean, there’s the tidying up the workshop (or backyard, or apartment balcony) – and what a messy nuisance that can be.

Of course, some cyclists know how to clean their bikes properly without ending up with a mass of dirty rags and greasy stains on their clothing (and/or the floor of their workshop, backyard, or balcony). But sometimes the task can seem daunting, too involved and too time-consuming  to make it worthwhile.

Clean bikes make cyclists happy but it’s the cleaning bit that often gets overlooked. Instead, it’s often a I’ll-do-it-later situation… and ‘later’ can sometimes be a long time in coming.

Bikey Wipes: part of a simple routine

There have been plenty of times when I’ve finished cleaning my bike and I think, ‘That wasn’t too bad… and the reward is absolutely worth the effort.’ Wipe a few tubes on the frame, then focus on the forks and the cranks and… voilà, you’re almost done.

What usually makes us think about doing it later is the fuss that comes with the greasy bits.

Susanne Bransgrove has come to cycling in recent years and she knows the story well. She’s been there, done that… procrastinated about cleaning, or got dirty while doing so. She has travelled with her bike and understood how annoying it can be to end up with grease on your clothing (or the hotel room floor, etc). And so, she started looking for a solution.

Disposable wipes are nothing new. Any parent understands the value of these slightly moist tissues. When a baby does things that babies do, out come the wipes… and within a few minutes, things are sanitised again. Well, so the theory goes.

If wipes work well when cleaning up spew, spit and shit, why not bikes?

Essentially that thought provided the catalyst for Bransgrove to start a new business. After a trip to France to ride her bike and watch Le Tour, she returned home to her base near Brisbane and got stuck into creating ‘Bikey Wipes’.

Designed with cyclists in mind

Containers of tissues like baby wipes, but with various chemicals added to manage grease and oil, aren’t new, per se. The so-called ‘Wolfpack’ has a title sponsor that sells an assortment of cleaning products, including disposable wipes; Soudal makes wipes for bikes, as well as hands. Similarly, Silca has ‘Gear Wipes’ that achieve a similar outcome.

I’ve used the Soudal wipes before. It quickly became a habit: get home, wipe off the gunk, have a drink, clean up… get on with the day. Often, however, one cloth wasn’t enough to finish the job because the thin material was prone to tearing even if it cleaned the bike relatively well.

One thing that makes Bikey Wipes different is the consideration Bransgrove and co have given to making their cloths resilient. They are considerably thicker than other bike wipes I’ve used before, and tough enough to withstand any bites from the teeth on your chainrings.

When I met Bransgrove at her stand in the TDU Expo, she pulled out a frame wipe and grabbed my bike. While talking about the genesis of her start-up she demonstrated how best to use her product. The first bit is the relatively easy part and within a minute or two my frame, forks and cranks were shiny, and the conversation continued.

The main parts of my bike were cleaned without any fuss, barely interrupting our discussion. She then pulled out a Degreaser wipe and moved down to the cassette. Showing her preferred method – ie. first wiping the chain, then folding the reinforced tissue over once and slotting it the wipe between each gear, nudging the freewheel around and repeating 11 times… and she kept on talking while cleaning.

It was a great exchange. I learned a lot about the quest to keep things as environmentally friendly as possible and, after a few minutes, I walked away with a lovely clean bike.

I went back later that day and collected some Bikey Wipes to take back home: Frame Wipes, Degreaser Wipes, and even some Rotor Wipes.


Keeping things tidy between major cleans

As easy as Bikey Wipes are to use, they will never replace the full service that your bike will receive at the local bike shop. There will come a time when everything should be stripped back by a mechanic who also gives your bike a thorough check and wash. In between, however, you can keep things tidy and running smoothly with a minimum of fuss by taking a moment to wipe your bike.

There is enough moisture on the Degreaser Wipe to manage a well cared for drive train, but if you have had a big day in filthy weather there may come a time when you’ll use two tissues rather than one. It is a great solution to what can be a daily task. And there is even a gentle, non-pungent scent that is part of the deal.

This is clever thinking well applied to get a great result.

The Bikey Wipe containers now sit on a shelf near where I store my bikes. When I’m finished riding, I get home and finish the job. It took no time before becoming a habit and my bike has never looked so fresh, or sounded so grateful for the few extra minutes of love it receives once our time together is over.


– Rob Arnold